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Welcome to the website for Group on Earth Observation's Task US-09-01a.  NASA served as the lead for this task, which ran from 2008-2014.  This website serves to hold documentation of the work completed.  For information about the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), visit the GEO website:
Agriculture: Supporting sustainable agriculture and combating desertification

Issues addressed by GEOSS will include: crop production; livestock, aquaculture and fishery statistics; food security and drought projections; nutrient balances; farming systems; land use and land cover change; and changes in the extent and severity of land degradation and desertification. GEOSS implementation will address the continuity of critical data, such as high-resolution observation data from satellites. A truly global mapping and information service, integrating spatially explicit socio-economic data with agricultural, forest, and aquaculture data will be feasible, with applications in poverty and food monitoring, international planning, and sustainable development.  

For the Agriculture SBA, it was separated into two focus areas - Agriculture and Forests. Follow the links below to their respective pages.
Agriculture Forests

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