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Welcome to the website for Group on Earth Observation's Task US-09-01a.  NASA served as the lead for this task, which ran from 2008-2014.  This website serves to hold documentation of the work completed.  For information about the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), visit the GEO website:
Ecosystems: Improving the management and protection of terrestrial, coastal and marine resources

Observations are needed on the area, condition, and natural resource stock levels in ecosystems such as forests, rangelands, and oceans. GEOSS implementation will seek to ensure methodologies and observations are available on a global basis to detect and predict changes in ecosystem condition and to define resource potentials and limits. Ecosystem observations will be better harmonized and shared, spatial and topical gaps will be filled, and in situ data will be better integrated with space-based observations. Continuity of observations for monitoring wild fisheries, the carbon and nitrogen cycles, canopy properties, ocean color, and temperature will be set in place. 

For the Ecosystems SBA, it was separated into two parts. Follow the links below to their respective pages.
Ecosystems - Part One Ecosystems - Part Two

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