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Welcome to the website for Group on Earth Observation's Task US-09-01a.  NASA served as the lead for this task, which ran from 2008-2014.  This website serves to hold documentation of the work completed.  For information about the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), visit the GEO website:
Energy: Improving management of energy resources
Analysts GEOSS outcomes in the energy area will support: environmentally responsible and equitable energy management; better matching of supply and demand of energy, reduction of risks to energy infrastructure; more accurate inventories of greenhouse gases and pollutants; and a better understanding of renewable energy potential.
Erica Zell
Adam Carpenter

Affilition: Battelle Memorial Institute
Organization: Battelle
Region: North America
zelle (at)
carpentera (at)
Advisory Group Members Current Status: Complete

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Download a Copy of the Final Energy Report

Charlotte Bay Hasager
Affiliation: Risoe National Laboratory/Technical University of Denmark
Country: Denmark
Region: Europe
Amit Kumar
Affiliation: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Organization: TERI
Region: Asia/Middle East
Ellsworth LeDrew
Affiliation: University of Waterloo
Organization: IEEE
Region: International
Maxwell Mapako
Affiliation: Natural Resources and Environment CSIR
Country: South Africa
Region: Africa
Pierre-Philippe Mathieu
Affiliation: European Space Agency - ESRIN
Organization: ESA
Region: Europe
Richard Meyer
Affiliation: Epuron GmbH
Region: Europe
Monica Oliphant
Affiliation: International Solar Society
Organization: ISES
Region: Oceania/Australia
Enio Pereira
Affiliation: INPE (Brazilian National Agency for Space Research)
Country: Brazil
Region: South/Central America
Thierry Ranchin
Affiliation: Ecole des mines de Paris
Country: France
Region: Europe
David Renne
Affiliation: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Country: USA
Region: North America
Scott Sklar
Affiliation: Stella Group
Region: North America
Gerry Sehlke
Affiliation: Idaho National Laboratory
Country: USA
Region: North America
Han Wensink
Affiliation: ARGOSS
Organization: ARGOSS
Region: Europe
Gu Xingfa
Affiliation: Institute of Remote Sensing Applications
Country: China
Region: East Asia

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