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Welcome to the website for Group on Earth Observation's Task US-09-01a.  NASA served as the lead for this task, which ran from 2008-2014.  This website serves to hold documentation of the work completed.  For information about the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), visit the GEO website:
Health: Understanding environmental factors affecting human health and well-being
  Health issues with Earth observation needs include: airborne, marine, and water pollution; stratospheric ozone depletion; persistent organic pollutants; nutrition; and monitoring weather-related disease vectors. GEOSS will improve the flow of appropriate environmental data and health statistics to the health community, promoting a focus on prevention and contributing to the continued improvements in human health worldwide.

For the Health SBA, it was separated into three areas: Air Quality, Aeroallergens and Infectious Disease.  Follow the links below to their respective pages.
  Air Quality Aeroallergens Infectious Disease

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