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Welcome to the website for Group on Earth Observation's Task US-09-01a.  NASA served as the lead for this task, which ran from 2008-2014.  This website serves to hold documentation of the work completed.  For information about the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), visit the GEO website:
Weather: Improving weather information, forecasting and warning
Analyst The weather observations encompassed by GEOSS are based on the requirements for timely short- and medium-term forecasts. GEOSS can help fill critical gaps in the observation of—for example—wind and humidity profiles, precipitation, and data collection over ocean areas; extend the use of dynamic sampling methods globally; improve the initialization of forecasts; and increase the capacity in developing countries to deliver essential observations and use forecast products. Every country will have the severe weather event information needed to mitigate loss of life and reduce property damage. Access to weather data for the other societal benefit areas will be facilitated.
Michael Nyenhuis
Affiliation: University of Bonn
Country: Germany
Region: Europe
michael.nyenhuis (at)
Advisory Group Members Current Status: Complete

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Download a Copy of the Final Weather Report
Stephan Bojinski
Affiliation: GCOS
Organization: GCOS
Region: International
Paul Counet
Affiliation: EUMETSAT
Organization: CEOS (Weather SBA)
Region: International
Jochen Dibbern
Affiliation: Network of European Meteorological Services
Organization: EUMETNET
Region: Europe
Robert Husband
Affiliation: EUMETSAT
Organization: CEOS (Weather SBA)
Region: International
Manfred Kloeppel
Affiliation: European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
Organization: ECMWF
Region: Europe
Jerome Lafeuille
Affiliation: WMO Space Observing Systems Division, OBS Department
Organization: WMO
Region: International
Geoffrey Love
Affiliation: WMO Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction Department
Organization: WMO
Region: International
Wenijan Zhang
Affiliation: WMO Observing and Information Systems Department
Organization: WMO
Region: International

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